August 15, 2009


Punishments are a part of the BDSM lifestyle. Whenever one is in the control of another, there will be times when an adjustment in attitude or behavior is warranted. This is simple a fact of being in this way of life. For those who do not have the fortitude to punish, you might want to consider something else. This is for those who have the mettle to do what is unpopular at times. Often, a Dom/Master needs to stand on principle.

That being said, it seems that punishments are well glorified on the Internet. We all have seen the pics of a woman strung up and beaten with a stick. Nevertheless, this is not punishment. Rather, it is an exploitation of our way of life. The casual voyeur prefers the sadistic as compared to the tame. If one is interested in selling videos, the fantasy is what is played out.

Pain is often a terrible motivator. As mentioned my book, An Owned Life, there are some subs who adore the pain. Punishing them by inflicting pain is the equivalent of giving a child an ice cream cone. The impact might not be what you desire.

Punishments are all about discipline. The goal is to implement the discipline to have her behave in a preferred way. They are not necessarily a method implemented for mistakes. Everyone is human so errors are going to take place. However, there still are instances where behaviors are repeated and warrant a change. This is where punishments come into play.

The main goal is the growth of a sub/slave. Punishments are a means used to help this person reach his/her potential. They are not intended to be malicious. Rather, they are done to stress a lesson. Usually it was something that was missed the first couple of times.

Many feel that punishments are mean. Any parent will know how untrue this statement is. Punishments often are the most loving thing one can do. We discipline our children because we care about them and we want them to have the proper tools for success. The same goes for a sub/slave. My preference is for her to fulfill her potential by becoming the best person she can be. Sometimes, it is necessary to alter her course of action if I feel she is heading down the wrong path. It is my responsibility as a Master.

The point is to understand that punishments need to fit the situation. There are many who seem to think that every minor mistakes deserves the harshest of treatment. This is incorrect. A sub/slave needs to feel the freedom to make mistakes while understanding that corrective action will be given in the proper dosage. Going overboard in this area is what I consider abuse. And, in my mind, the lifestyle has no room for abusers.

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BlueEyes69 on August 17, 2009 at 11:45 AM said...

Very, very well said. I am new to the sub lifestyle, but my Master, Jay, is loving and gentle with me ... very much like I imagine you would be.

Thank you,

Christina on August 20, 2009 at 8:01 AM said...

Do you ever wonder just what the binding of ropes do to the breast tissue of your slaves???
Do you ever think that perhaps it may contribute to these women developing breast cancer????
You never reply to any of the comments left on your blog posts, why is that????


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