August 27, 2009

Making A Master's Life Easier

The other day I came across a post mentioning the idea of a sub/slave trying to get negative attention. In short, this is childish and immature. It is also manipulative. Any slave who engages in this behavior ought to be dealt with severely.

A slave's exists for only one reason: to make the life of a Master easier. What other job does she fill? A Master is the one who determines how to use her best. When one is feeling neglected and seeking attention, she is deciding how much is appropriate. This is a classic example of topping from the bottom.

Obedience is how a slave makes a Master's life easier. A slave is to listen to the instructions of her Master. His word is law. This is the design of the M/s relationship.

My experience is that a slave tends to insert her will into the relationship periodically. Many seem to be emotionally unstable. It is sad, but this is where much of the childish behavior comes from. Being a Master often resembles parenting; many of the same techniques need to be applied.

In the end, a slave should be always available to her Master. The exception to this policy is when children are involved and she must attend to them. I have seen firsthand where the behavior will not match this concept. Again, this is a disappointment to a Master. A slave needs to remember her place in the relationship. We live an extreme lifestyle for a reason.

This is a simple concept to understand but so difficult to implement. You will find that a slave is often self centered and thinking about her wants. I can only presume this is human nature. Of course, the situation is only magnified when one is in a poly situation. Nevertheless, a Master needs to make it clear who is in charge. Manipulation is intolerable.

To all the slaves that are out there: today, just focus on making your Master's life easier. That is your job.

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Anonymous said...

Recently discovered Your blog. Thank you for sharing with us followers Your views. I am new to the lifestyle and enjoying reading different perspectives on the D/s lifestyle. Again thank you.

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