August 19, 2009

A Slave's Job

I wrote often how a slave's place is to be obedient. It is her position to do as she is told by her Master. That is the basis of the total power exchange. All power is in the hands of the Master. It is complete, absolute, and final.

Many seem to fail to grasp there is one reason for a slave's existence: to make a Master's life easier. It is not a slave's place to give the Master headache after headache. This is selfish and showing the worth of a slave.

To me, this is an intolerable act. I will be the first to admit that abuse has no place in this way of life. I still stand by that statement. However, a slave who continually causes her Master grief deserves little mercy. I will never condone abuse but I will never stand in the way of one who wants to implement extreme punishments. A slave who behaves in such a manner deserves all she gets short of abuse.

Many will say that this is a reason for release. This is something that I disagree with. Release is too good. It is far better to retain the slave while implementing the harden training methods required. Sometimes extreme is exactly what is needed. Some will just not learn the lesson the first dozen times it is presented. Therefore, the big artillery needs to come out.

This might seem like a deviation from all that I write. Overall, I prefer the sensible methodology to training. However, there are times when one will behave in such a childish manner that this step is necessary. I am a believer in the total power exchange. It is the foundation to all that we do and how our relationships are designed. If this aspect is allowed to be compromised, the entire relationship is just another form of the traditional. Nothing it is to stop the exchange from moving to a 50/50 basis.

A slave's place is to make her Master's life easier. Bickering, complaining, and being selfish are not traits that a slave needs to hold onto. If she does not willing let them go, it is up to a Master to help her remove them. To do this, all measures short of abuse are merited. A true slave will understand what is occurring. A pretender will fight it all day long.

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Dinora on August 20, 2009 at 9:40 PM said...

Frequently when I read your posts the word maturity comes to mind. I'm sure there's a lot more to it than that but it comes to mind with this post too.


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