March 12, 2012

The Bullcrap

We all know that there is a lot of garbage that takes place online involving this way of life. Each of us has a story about how someone misled or lied to us. There was the online interaction with that person who was so real only to find out one day he/she up and vanished. The tales are endless regardless the heartbreak that occurs online. Nevertheless, it is something that must be overcome.


One needs to be committed to this way of life. This can be difficult for those whose first experience is a horrible one. The only thing I can say is to hang in there. If you are one who is designed to live this way, then it is imperative that you remain committed to that end. Without it, I feel people end up drifting aimlessly.

Many find BDSM online and approach it like buying a car. They are "going to test the waters". This is done by signing up for a site and finding someone to be involved in. Since there are so many who are willing online, this can take place in a matter of days. Naturally, since there was very little contact, each party has no real knowledge of the other. After a few weeks, or perhaps a month, we find our new person completely turned off to this way of life because what was presented turned out to be lies. Hence the "water testing" is complete.

Was this person designed for BDSM? There is no way to tell. So many fall into the same trap. Over the years, I have stressed how crucial it is to make time your ally. Do not rush into anything. Operate from the premise that you have the rest of your life to live this way and learn all you can. Knowledge is the one true way to sift through the bull crap that exists online. The pretenders games are rather easy to see through once you are adept at recognizing their signs. Of course, this takes commitment.


Have you ever met someone who had a resolve to accomplish something. This person, at times, will come off as stubborn or bullheaded. The reason for this is because that determined focus cannot be swayed. A person with a high resolve in a particular area had committed entirely in his or her mind that the outcome desired is exactly how it is going to be. And that individual is going to do everything possible to make that come true.

Success in the BDSM world, especially when dealing with the online antics, requires this resolve. I have a simple question for you: who's life is it anyway? If one is going to be swayed by the actions of some anonymous person who really is nothing more than a screen name, then what does that say about his/her ability to decide the direction of life? The truth it says that one gives power over to others (and not in a healthy BDSM way either). A lack of resolve means that one is willing to forgo something potentially wonderful because of a bad experience.

Here is another question: how many of you had a bad dating experience? What I mean by this, did you ever get involve with someone where emotional pain was the result? The answer for most all of us is "yes". So, how come people still date in spite of the bad experience? Certainly, after one heart-wrenching situation, the person would at least change sexual orientation. How come this does not occur? The reason is that people, when it comes to dating, have the resolve to move past the prior situation in hopes of finding something wonderful. Even without buying into the fairy tale, we know that relationships can be very fulfilling. Nevertheless, few of us ever get the first one (or ten) right. We persevere in spite of the pain that is caused at times.


Ultimately, we need to cast all the bull crap aside. To start, this is part of the online world (I could make the case it is also a major part of life in general). It is not exclusive to BDSM. Any online arena is going to witness the same antics. The methodology does not change. Anonymity offers some positives and negatives. It is the nature of the medium called the Internet so we might as well accept it.

However, that does not mean that we all what occurs to alter our direction. If you are a submissive seeking to live under the control of another, then that is something that you should seek. Persist in your endeavor to live that way. Do not back off it no matter what you encounter. I will promise that if you spend enough time online, liars, scammers, and dishonest people are a part of your future. That is not meant to get you down but, rather, make you aware of what occurs. At the same time I will tell you to brush off the negative garbage you encounter and show some persistence. We are seeking a "needle in a haystack" so effort is required. As mentioned in the dating world, few of us get things right the first time.

If you are committed to finding what you need in this lifestyle, resolve to that outcome, and are persistent in your actions, then you will find BDSM success. It is not an easy path, especially online, but it is well worth it. I wish you the best.

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