August 18, 2009

What We All Seek

What are you looking for? Why are you even remotely interested in BDSM and what it has to offer? Is there something that caught your attention which necessitated further research? In short, why are we here?

Naturally, I could get rather long-winded about this idea. There are reams of books written over the ages trying to answer the question "what is the meaning of life". Nevertheless, this is something that certainly comes into play in choosing the BDSM way of life.

My belief is simple: we want to be happy. All else stems from this basic idea. We look at this lifestyle because we believe that we can be happy living it. Also, our search begins because we are unhappy in the traditional model. There is something missing which causes us to start the search.

The irony is that many find this way of life holds a higher degree of happiness for them yet they do not allow themselves to enjoy it. Social conditioning is a powerful mechanism. We live in what is termed an "alternative lifestyle". It is choice that is different from what mainstream considers normal. Therefore, many have lots of negative emotions associated with this choice.

It is not surprising to hear that many feel guilty about the way they are choosing to live. Society uses this emotion to make people feel like the way they are living is wrong. It takes great courage to be able to stand up and decide "this is what is right for me". This is your life, do with it as you see fit.

Society wants each of us to fit into a "box" that is creates. Following the traditional precepts, we will fall in line. The herd mentality is what cultures use to dictate behavior. Those who break from the pack by choosing something different risk being ostracized. Individuality is not something that is promoted.

So be judicious in your search. BDSM is an opportunity to fulfill some of the natural, inborn characteristics that are within you. However, you must understand that there is a risk of alienation by those closest to you. Remember, they want you to be happy as long as fulfilling that happiness is within the approved bounds they choose. BDSM rarely fits into this category.

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Christina on August 19, 2009 at 9:39 AM said...

Nothing about BDSM entices me except for maybe the idea of 'spanking & or d/s'! I wish I could forget all the pictures Ive seen depicted about private places on a women's body contorted by piercings, etc! Many 'dark images' in this very taboo lifestyle that has plagued me since spring of 2001!!


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