August 14, 2009

Be Mindful of Your Energy

Energy level affects all areas of our life. Each of us has experienced those days where we just had no energy. Those are the times where we waste the entire day watching reruns on TNT. A simple act such as heading to the kitchen is even difficult. Everything we do takes great effort. We need to force ourselves to move in any direction.

What is happening at these moments? Quite simply, we are low on energy. The "life" was drained right out of us. We are in dire need of recharging our batteries before we can move on. Often the best thing to do is to just lay there. A day spent relaxing will inevitably yield tremendous returns in the energy department.

Why do I bring this up and what does it have to do with BDSM? The reason I am doing this is because this is something that Doms/Masters need to be mindful of. Their energy level affects how they interact with all they are involved with. And, since these people take on the responsibility for others, it is easy for them to get drained.

The psychology field coined a term "energy vampires" (aka psychic vampires). Simply this is a person or thing that saps one's energy. We all have them in our lives and the key is to reduce them. People who we are closest to are often the ones most responsible for doing this to us. They can come in the form of kids, parents, spouses, and sub/slaves. Everywhere we turn we can see how they each take a little of us.

As most of you know, I am a poly Master. This means that I have the typical issues with a relationship but doubled. There are times which are very trying for me emotionally. This will sap my energy quicker than anything. Emotional situations take a lot out of me.

For this reason, I am mindful of where I am at energetically. I often do not sleep well which affects me the next day. There are times one is asking for something and I have to refuse. Being a Dom/Master does not make one Superman. In fact, our humanness has a way of rearing its head quite often. Just like everyone else needs to take care of themselves, so do we.

There are a lot of aspects to be a good Dom/Master. Being able to manage oneself is the first criteria. If you cannot get a handle on yourself, you will not be able to lead another. This is true in all walks of life. Be sure to monitor where you are energetically each day and do what is required to get yourself to the needed level. Your relationship will go a lot smoother if you do.

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