August 6, 2009

An Owned Life Reviewed

Here is a testimonial that I received from someone who just purchased my latest edition of An Owned Life. It really cuts to the heart of what this book does for people who are looking at this lifestyle. I would like to give a special thanks to Jewel for writing to me.

I am about half way through Your book. You have given me the words for what I was thinking & feeling. When Master first suggested trying this new lifestyle. Master repeated himself a lot about how this was to my benefit more than for his. How with my personality, he thought I would be happier. At first I resisted (a lot). I was afraid. But I hadn't realized that was what I was feeling. I was afraid Master would change., That maybe Master would go "power crazy". That he would take away the other things in life that I enjoyed: my cross stitch, my friends, etc. That he would want me to change.

As time went on I realized that I didn't have any thing to base me fears on the more I wanted to serve & the happier I have become. I still have all of my friends, I still have my free time to do my cross stitch, Master doesn't try to make me do more of things that were his responsibility before we started down this path. In fact he gets upset with me for trying to do to much & teaching me in accepting the signs I get when my body starts telling me that I am doing to much. Master has given me the confidence to understand that there is nothing wrong with me by accepting those limits ( I am 5' tall & only weigh 86 pounds & it took me a long time to accept that I just can't do things that I believed any adult should be able to do.)
Master With reading your book I feel much more relaxed, open & happy as I have been able to now find the words to express my feelings to my Master that I hadn't been able to find before.

Emails like these are what make writing worthwhile. I am glad that this was able to help so many of you sort out the feelings that you were having. Learn from the experience of this one and order yourself the book today.

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