October 19, 2009

What You Should Know

I write a lot about the online interactions that take place and my conclusion how 90% of the people you encounter have an ulterior motive. For those who meet someone they think is real, here are some information that I believe you have a right to. Whenever you are considering "submitting" to another, be sure you have this information.

1. What is his (her) first and last name? Address? Phone number (both home and work)?
2. Where does he (or she) work? What hours are kept? Can personal phone calls be received?
3. How many times (if any) was he (or she) married? Any children? How old? How long divorced?
4. How long was he (or she) in this lifestyle? How did he (or she) get into it? Who introduced that person to it?
5. How many BDSM relationships was he (or she) involved in? What happened to the last one? What did he (or she) learn?
6. Is he (or she) willing to move to you if things work our? Are you expected to move? Where will you live?
7. Does he (or she) rent or own a home? (if so you can check tax records)
8. If everything works out, will you work? Is he (or she) in a financial position to support you? What about your kids, if you have any?

These are some basic questions that you should ask any potential Dom/Master (Domme). If he or she is unwilling to provide these answers, I would suggest holding off moving forward until you get some concrete facts. An unwillingness to reveal this information leads me to conclude that one is not dealing with someone who is real. Sorry, but I have heard the sob story too many times.

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