October 7, 2009


Punishments are one of the most controversial and misunderstood subjects in the BDSM lifestyle. In simplicity, punishments are used to shape behavior. That is the only reason to engage in it. Anything else, in my mind, is considered abuse.

The Internet promotes the idea of "punishment". It takes a simple Google search to find hundreds of pictures where women (and men) are tied up and beaten. These images are planted firmly in our minds. Nevertheless, we must remember that most of these scenes are staged and done by professionals. They are not really reflective of the BDSM lifestyle.

Many find pleasure in pain. This is what they like. A certain percentage of subs enjoy the physical whippings and beatings. To them, it is a form of excitement. A lot will enter subspace which further increases their pleasure.

Obviously, using physical punishment with an individual of this nature is ineffective. People of this nature need to have other methods utilized.

I find the best way to punish a sub or slave is to cease interaction with me. To me, this seems an effective way to drive home my message. All subs/slaves like to interact with their Doms/Masters. By stopping the communication, it really allows a sub/slave to think on her own. She really can gain an understanding about the actions which I found upsetting.

As mentioned, punishments are designed to alter behavior. The BDSM world is not about abuse. Punishing one without a valid reason is abusive. In my life, I try to be creative with the punishments to ensure maximum effectiveness. However, there is always a line that should not be crossed.

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