October 3, 2009

A Pathetic Display

As most of you know, Roman Polanski was arrested this week for a crime that was committed 30 years ago. For those of you who are unaware of the case, in 1977, Polanski fled the country after pleading guilty to the drugging and raping of a 13 year old child. He lived as a fugitive from justice for the past 32 years. Please don't feel bad for him, he was living in the lap of luxury in countries that wouldnt extradite him back to the U.S.

The reason I am writing on this topic today is because I am outraged at the response of some of the Hollywood elite. We in the alternative lifestyle are often accused of being perverted and abusive. However, anyone who reads my writing knows that BDSM is all about consent. The exchange of power occurs only after it is agreed upon by both parties. Submission cannot take place without acceptance and vice versa. In short, this is a consensual lifestyle.

What Polanski did is intolerable. He is a rapist of the worst proportions. In fact, he is worse than that since he is also a child molester. This is something that qualifies him as a monster. To drug and rape a 13 year old deserves the harshest of penalties. (If you want to read about some of the details, click here).

Of course, Polanski will get off rather easy. Many involved with the case are no longer alive. That being said, he deserves whatever punishment he gets. Sadly, this view is not held by everyone. There are a number of Hollywood elites who feel that we should just leave Polanski alone. In fact, they went out and signed a petition (click here). It is amazing to see all the names who are condoning the drugging and rape of a child. (Click here for list of signers).

As bad as that petition is, Whoopi Goldberg takes the cake. Here is a video where she is defending this vile piece of scum by claiming it wasn't "rape rape". For this simple outbreak of pure stupidity she ought to be shit canned off The View. Tar and feathering her is not severe enough. If you notice in the video she refers to what he plead to, which was sex with a minor. She feels the fact that he was charged with statutory rape is irrelevant.

Naturally this blog is not about righting the wrongs in the world. I rarely mention any national or world news on here. However, in light of all the criticism we receive for our lifestyle choices, I thought it worthwhile to point out the fact that BDSM is not where the monsters reside. They are walking among us in the traditional world. The difference being is that we in this lifestyle have no problem calling out abuse when we see it. It seems that society, or at least the Hollywood elite, feel that abuse is negated if you are a talented. To me, this is a pathetic display by some people who are lower than camel shit.

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