October 9, 2009

How Pathetic Most Slaves Are

This is going to be one of the harshest posts that I ever wrote but it is the only way to awaken some up.

For the past few years, I have scoured the Internet going through different chat rooms. Over that time I have seen a lot of the shenanigans that takes place. It seems that no matter where one goes, it is always the same. So here is the 411 for you all out there.

We all know how there are stalkers, pretenders, and abusers portraying themselves as Masters. These people are a joke for the most part although some can be really dangerous. We do all we can to call these people out and protect the "slaves". This lifestyle is built upon safety.

Over the last few weeks, I wrote a number of posts mentioning the difference between online and real time. There were more than a few who got offended at my conclusions. They claimed that what they had is real. Well, let me tell you, it is not. Until you actually meet someone you are dealing with a fantasy. Get your head out of your ass and smell something other than your own shit. Do not fall in love with a bunch of characters on a screen. Are you that pathetic?

I have people who write some bad things about me from time-to-time. Do you know what my answer is? Who gives a crap? Everyone is entitled to their opinion and since I know who and what I am, I am not threatened by the opinion of others. Many of the "critics" are simple minded fools.

Of course I have something that many are lacking: a healthy self esteem. Most you encounter online seem to lack this essential quality. They feel that everything that is said about them merits a response. Slaves need to grow the hell up. Who gives a shit what others think of you? It is not real. That person is probably miserable in his or her own life. Yet, they still feel the need to take it all personally.

I witnessed so many "catfights" over online garbage. People seem worried about their reputation. Of course, the ones who are concerned are the ones that everyone else is laughing at. Foolishness is transparent. Take a look at how you are acting. Anyone with half a brain knows you aren't someone to take seriously.

So, to all those who are interacting with "slaves" online. Take time to do some due diligence to determine if the one you are considering has any self esteem at all. If he or she does not, move on. Trust me when I tell you the headaches are not worth it. Those who wrap their entire lives up with the online bullshit need serious help. It is a sign of a train wreck they call their lives. You will see how messed up every area of their life is when you finally get to meet them. Instead of being a Master you need to be a savior.

If you are a slave reading these words, get your act together. Look at your life. People do not end up in situations by mistakes. Responsible people own up for their actions, good and bad. Stop playing the victim and looking for someone to bail your ass out once more. It is pathetic. Make yourself worthy of someone's respect. Being a slave is not a demeaning choice, but being one who sucks the life out of people is. The choice is yours. What are you going to do with it?

Now, to finish up this barrage: there are many wonderful people online. Not everyone falls into the category I just described. There are many who I chatted with over the years who were worthy people who I would have loved to have in my life. Of course, often this was not to be. Nevertheless, I am sure they are adding to people's lives everyday. They lived their lives, true lives, interacting with people in real time. They were not wrapped up in all the delusions that play out online.

Therefore, if you are one who always feels the need to retaliate because some character on a screen is "attacking" you, get over it. If you self worth is tied up in what people who don't know you think about you, then you need to develop some true self worth. The admiration from a bunch of characters on a screen has absolutely no value in life.

I will share one story that actually happened with someone who claimed to be a Master. This individual chided me that I disrespected him in a chat room. My answer is that if he wanted my respect, he should earn it. Capitalizing his name does not make him worthy of being called a Master in my book. Nevertheless, he felt that online protocol dictated that I not say stuff in front of "slaves" on the site. I told him he was a joke and to get real. Telling me to be impressed by you is not going to do it. Just another example of one who believes too much of what he sees online. He ought to get a life.

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