October 21, 2009

Submissive Sexually

Many get confused as to the difference between a slave and a sub. It seems that some will view one as better than the other. New people can often be made to feel "less than" when interacting with a number of slaves. It appears that few appreciate the differences until they actually experience it in real life.

I will be honest in that it is my observation that few have the make up to be a slave. This is a position only for those who are extreme. The act of completely submitting all of your life to another is something that many cannot grasp. They proclaim that they can until they actually experience real time situations which affect them. This is where the resistance arises.

In simple terms, a slave is one who turns his or her life over to another. This person retains no control over any aspect of his or her being. In its true form, everything that occurs is only with the permission of the Mistress or Master. A slave has absolutely no say about the treatment that is received. In essence, this person is property.

There are a great deal who are attracted to this part of the lifestyle. They like the freedom that comes with absolving themselves of any responsibility. However, there is the down side to all this. Can you accept the fact that your pleasure is no longer important. Everything that you are about is suddenly changed to a total focus upon the needs of the Mistress or Master. The image in one's head rarely reflects reality.

The other aspect that many enter into is as a sub. I believe this is where most tend to fall on the scale. A sub is one who gives up control in certain areas of his or her life while retaining it in the other areas. Commonly I found that the area where one likes to be dominated is sexually. Therefore, a couple will get together for some D/s sex and then go about their lives as equals.

As mentioned, neither of these choices is better than the other. Both are acceptable as long as one is following his or her inner desire. Problems seem to arise when one tries to fit into something that he or she is not.

Being submissive is usually indicated by your sexual desire. After that, look at the concept of full and complete submission with your life. And remember, there is a big difference between having the desire to serve and being willing to submit completely to another. Reality rarely reflects fantasy.

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