October 8, 2009

Real Time

This is a topic that always generates much controversy. There seems to be a great debate waging among those in the lifestyle if online is actually considered a relationship. This is something that I feel bears revisiting. Many will claim to be "owned" or to have "submitted" when they in fact are only engaging in online activities. To me, this cannot be confused with being real.

I have a profile on one of those social networking sites that says I am a female with a fantastic physique. My avatar is one that shows a tremendous build, one that would turn any man on. Before going any further, I want to mention that my only reason for this profile is to use as a marketing strategy for my businesses. I am not interested in meeting anyone nor do I interact with people on there.

Nevertheless, you would be amazed how many people hit me up commenting about how sexy I am and how they would want to get with me. Of course, these individuals have no idea what they are dealing with. Anyone who really who met me knows that I am far from feminine. In short, I could lead these people on if I was willing to engage in their games. I also feel that I have the ability to create an emotional bond with at least a few of them.

What would this be considered? Naturally it would be a big con. Now my question is how can you be certain the validity of the person that you are dealing with online? I met far too many who believed what they had was real only to find there were lies and deception. The person claimed to be single only to later reveal he/she was married with children. Or one mentions being involved in BDSM only to later show how inexperienced he/she truly is. Finally, we all heard the horror stories of the misleading of body style where one said he/she is athletic only to learn that person is 150 pounds overweight. These are all examples that I have personally heard of happen to people.

Therefore, the only conclusion I can reach is that for a relationship to be real, there needs to be some real time interaction. The virtual world is a beneficial way to meet people. However, we cannot mistake it for real communication. In my mind, before something can be real, it must move to some type of regular communication. This includes telephone calls, text messaging, and in person meetings. Short of this I feel that one is engaging in fantasy, especially since there is a better than average chance the person on the other end is doing just that.

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