October 18, 2009

The Value Of The Internet

The Internet is a wonderful medium that helped take BDSM from an underworld lifestyle to something that is more socially accepted. While it is still not mainstream, there are many different places that people can now turn for information. Like everything else, the BDSM world got smaller.

Online relationships have taken a bashing on this blog. I write what I see and the fact is that most people are pretending in some way. That means there is also a percentage that are real. This is what I am choosing to focus upon today.

The Internet is a wonderful way to meet people. Because of the expansiveness of it, we can interact with individuals from all over the world. This provides us with insight into the experiences of people we would never otherwise meet. This is a certain bonus when looking at any type of lifestyle.

Personally, I have met a number of people online. Some of these people came into my life only for a short period of time while others spent a considerably longer period of time. However, each of these instances involved eventual face-to-fact meeting. We were able to move the "relationship" from something online to real time. This is an important distinction.

The value of the Internet is twofold. First, it is an excellent place to uncover information. As a reference tool, nothing compares with the amount of information we now have access to. Secondly, this medium allows us to foster relationships that were not possible before. Nevertheless, the value of them lies in moving things onto a personal level.

There are many who met their "mates" online. Chat rooms and other mediums such as social sites allow people to seek like-minded people out. BDSM certainly falls into this category. The ability to filter out differences allows us to get to common ground quickly. This is an advantage as long as both parties are truthful in what they say. It is hard to build a foundation upon anything else.

My overall interpretation of the Internet is that it does work. Of course, I still stand by my observation of all those who are pretending to be something they are not. It is a sad reality and one that must be dealt with honestly. Each time I see someone "heartbroken" over an online relationship, I just shake my head in wonder. For me, I think there needs to be more than characters on a screen before a deep emotional bond forms. Without that human connection, there is a risk of falling prey to those who aren't being completely forthright.

Use the Internet for the advantages it provides. As a resource there was nothing more powerful ever developed. However, it is crucial that we remember that it is called "virtual" for a reason.

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