October 24, 2009


A good slave has a degree of flexibility about her. Now I am not referring to the type of flexibility where she can put her legs over her head although that is always helpful. What I am alluding to is the fact that a slave needs to be able to change directions on a moment's notice.

The truth is that people who are high drive tend to have a lot going on. This could be your Master. Because of that, situations will change periodically. Nobody has a crystal ball that predicts the future. Instead, we make plans the best we can while holding a degree of flexibility to adjust. Nothing is written in stone.

It seems that everyone is always asking for a "template" of how the BDSM world operates. This seems inane to me since few ask for this in the traditional lifestyle. Have you ever seen anyone ask for the outline of a successful marriage? Yet this idea comes across in the BDSM community almost daily. Another thing that I hear is that people want the outline for the training of a slave. Again, how can this be created when everyone is different.

Flexibility is what allows us to adjust to the different circumstances which arise in life. Just because one is heading in a particular direction which is altered, that does not mean she suddenly is granted the right to get ornery about things. I have seen this repeatedly from slaves. They want to complain that their Masters changed things. My response is that should have been considered before agreeing to a lifestyle with the basis of a total exchange of power. A slave's frustration is understandable but it is also part of the curriculum. It is imperative to remember that all power resides with the Master.

Rigidity is what causes conflict. A slave's place is to make her Master's life easier. Every fight seemingly has the lack of acceptance at the core. Someone is unhappy with something that is being done. Usually, in M/s, it is the slave unwilling to adhere to what the Master wants. Again, this might sound cold and harsh, but this is the most extreme aspect of our lifestyle. That is why I feel few are really cut out for it.

Be flexible in your ideas, agenda, and daily activities. Masters are human creatures who can get distracted rather easily. I am probably the worst in that category if I am to be honest with you. Nevertheless, whenever I interact with one, she quickly realizes that I am not one who micromanages. Nor do I take the time to lay everything out for her to do during the day. I have a basic agenda which is apt to change. Her ability to alter her behavior to reflect my desires is crucial. In the end, this is one of the things that proves her worth to me.

So, my suggestion is to remain loose and flexible with your Master. It is something that I am sure will serve you both well.

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