June 15, 2009

Gratitude For What Is Given

It is no secret that the D/s and M/s relationships are ones where the equality is not part of the equation. People seem to grasp the concept in theory yet put up a fight when this occurs in reality. The truth is that a total exchange of power in a real time relationship means that expectations are basically meaningless. If a sub/slave chooses to hold onto them, she might be devastated.

The fact is that one should be grateful for what is granted. Failure to do so might result in whatever is offered being removed. There are many times where the best punishment is the removal of interaction with a Dom/Master.

When there is more than one involved, the situation gets multiplied. Many seem to believe it is up to them to dictate how much time/attention/gifts (etc...) they are given by a Dom/master. At the same time, they feel there should be some type of equality amongst the "family". To both of these I say "wrong".

If one truly wants to live the life of submission, these are thoughts which are outside the bounds of this way of life. There is nothing wrong with living a life of equality except when you seek it in the D/s or M/s realm. This is not a life of equals. In fact, it is the exact opposite. TPE produces complete inequality.

So how does one counter the feelings of wanting more. Simple. Be grateful for what is given to you. When a Dom/Master provides you with something, take it as a gift. Whether it is his time, attention, or permission to cum, hold it as something of value. Be grateful that he gave you that much. Failure to do so might result in that being removed.

Of late, I wrote about the more basic, cold facts of the lifestyle. The reason I do this is to alert everyone to the realities of this way of life. M/s and D/s are not for those who are insecure. Submission doesn't make someone weak. Contrary to popular belief, it takes incredible strength and courage to submit. However, once done, do not think your life will suddenly become a bed of roses. Life can be cruel and the TPE world reflects that.

Gratitude is a way to find happiness in any lifestyle. I feel the more extreme the lifestyle, the more it is necessary. Start immediately appreciating whatever it is that your Dom/Master gives you instead of focusing upon that which you do not get. It will make your life more worthwhile.

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