June 11, 2009

A Slave Is A Slave

What is a slave's place? Where does she belong in the grand realm of M/s? The simple truth is that a slave gets all from her Master. If one is truly committed to living M/s, it is crucial to understand this basic premise.

M/s is all about the exchange of power. It is the fundamental tenet of this way of life. The power breakdown is what makes M/s different from the traditional forms of relationships. In fact, with such complete exchange of power, M/s differs greatly from D/s. A sub has the option of retaining some of her rights.

I wrote often that I honestly believe few are cut out for M/s. I see many, especially online, claim to be slaves. At the same time, I see some of these same people writing blogs "informing" others what life as a slave is all about. Sadly, this is misleading since they no more qualify as slaves than I do.

At the core of the M/s relationship is the total exchange of power. It is absolute, complete, and final. This is not something that is subject to interpretation. A slave gives all her power over to her Master. Any power retained by her (or him in Domme/Slave) is granted by the Master. It is that simple. What he says goes.

Unfortunately, many agree to this when online yet encounter problems when they enter real time. Understand how complete the exchange of power is if you want to live in this manner. Your opinions, thoughts, actions, and time are not your own. Like you, they are property of your Master. It all is his.

I see so many who behave in ways which causes their Master grief. Is this a slave's place? Certainly not. A slave is to make her Master's life easier, not more difficult. It is her place to available to him when he decides he wants her. Not the other way around. I recently read about a slave initiating sex with her Master. She claimed to have jumped him when he came through the door. I will tell you that if that were a Gorean relationship, her punishment would be severe.

It is time that many got off the romantic notion about M/s. It is not the cure all to compensate for unhappiness in the traditional world. Looking for a "fairy tale" life with a Master not going to happen. We can be an irritable, cold, and demeaning lot. Life as a slave is not all roses. You are into a full time service position if your Master wants you to do that. Therefore, waiting until called is your place.

This is vastly different from the images shown online. The Internet spreads a view of this life that is not true in most cases. M/s can be sexless, emotionless, lonely, and saddening. Those are the facts. That doesn't mean that it cannot be fun, exciting, and erotic. It is that also at times. However, the choice is solely in the hands of the Master.

Slaves like to use their little tricks to get their way. Some of these are overt while others are subtle. The bottom line is a slave will often try to sabotage things because of fear. While this is understandable, it is completely inappropriate. A slave should never do anything to sabotage anything (or anyone) her Master is interested in.

The most important thing to remember is that it is not about a slave's wishes. If a Master considers them, that is his choice. He is under no obligation to do so and to expect that is going back on the intention you had when you submitted. That is why you are a slave. If this is too much for you, enter into a D/s relationship where there is a bit more power.

A slave is a slave. Know your place. Trying to continually get your way is not what the lifestyle is about. Drop the antics of trying to guilt, manipulate, or lie your way into what you want. M/s is about service. None of these character traits enhance one's servitude to her Master. They only help to move her to get what she wants which might be in opposition to her Master's wishes. In the end, even the most patient Masters will see through this.

I write this with the intention of helping people open their eyes to this way of life. A true Master will look after his slave(s) to ensure their safety and peace. He will also do many things to foster their happiness. None of this is out of the realm of normal M/s relationships. However, there are times when a Master makes choices that are in direct opposition to what a slave wants. It is at this point that a slave needs to remember her place and that she is under her Master control. M/s is for the extreme but for those who can handle it, it is a fabulous way of life.

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Clemmi on June 14, 2009 at 3:31 AM said...

i remember...

eyes low, rubber gloves, cold floors,
the endless waiting.

You forgot to feed me, You never asked how i felt.

i have washed your feet a thousand times and kissed them even more. You turned and slept, a calm deep sleep.

i was grateful.

i have followed your footsteps a million times, staring at your shoes, led by an invisible chain. Silent.

Your hair is grey,
Your eyes are soft
but Your hand is still firm.
And i remember Master, once,
You whispered: I love you

Now, it is time to
leave Yourself in my hands Master. i beg you.

your c.


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