June 5, 2009

The Reward Bag

Here is a simple game that can be played with a sub/slave at anytime. It is something that keeps things exciting especially with an active imagination. It all starts with a bag (or a box) where you can write down certain rewards. These are activities that you know she loves and wants you to do to her. Put them all on separate strips of paper and place in the bag.

Now, whenever you sub/slave earns a "treat", have her reach into the bag and pull out the secret reward. Since they are all things she likes, her pleasure is guaranteed. Of course, there are different degrees of pleasure gained. Therefore, knowing that some other more pleasurable activities are in there, she might experience a bit of disappointment.

The reward bag is a simple way to keep things fun and exciting. BDSM is about control and do not necessarily have to be extreme. Something as basic as this concept can be a fundamental part of your BDSM interaction.

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