June 18, 2009


Some are dominant. Some are submissive. Some are both. This is my experience although it tends to create some controversy. People who switch back and forth between dominant and submissive seem to be looked down upon by many in the lifestyle. This is a sad fact which I fail to understand.

I met many who like to "play both sides". I would guess the most common switch is a bisexual woman who prefers to submit to men while dominating women. This seems to fulfill both inner desires while dealing with different types of people.

However, I have also met those who can fluctuate back and forth with the same sex. They truly are switches. I presume they follow their inclinations based upon their present moment desires. It must be like choosing fish or steak depending upon your mood.

Please bear in mind that I am only speaking based upon those I met. I am not a switch in any manner. My leanings are towards domination. Also, I would surmise that most lean heavily towards one extreme or another. My estimation is that people who switch are in the minority. It is a relatively low number statistically speaking.

There is no reason to believe that people who switch are any less worthy of this lifestyle. I am astounded at the belligerence many show, especially when online. It is as if their form of BDSM is the only proper avenue. What a crock of crap. BDSM is a personal experience where each is free to develop a method which works for them. Those who feel there is only one way for people to live are as obtuse as those in the traditional world who degrade our choices.

The important factor to me is that people follow their inner desires. As William Shakespeare said, "to thy own self be true".

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lavender on June 20, 2009 at 5:02 AM said...

I have had the pleasure of meeting some good switches in my short time involved with BDSM, but I also have come across some that are not so good. I do believe that they deserve to have their place, right beside others. But they take some getting used to when you meet them and even more to form a strong relationship bond.

When I joined the household I am in right now my Owner had a switch slave who had herself been one of my first Owners. I admire her for her ability to switch, and be in both roles very well, but it has brought a dynamic into our new relationship that I do not think will ever quite be worked out. That is not to say it is bad, it is just different. Though as my Owners other slave she should be my sister, this has not happened. We can not get past the fact that I was her slave at one time and the D/s power and control she once held over me still exists.



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