June 30, 2009

Sword Play

Last night I engaged in some sword play. This is similar to knife play but using a samurai sword. It is really an intoxicating experience for both a Dom/Master and a sub/slave. Of course, this is not something for those who are new to the lifestyle. It is one of the activities which One must work toward.

The basic premise of the scene is to have her feel the cold steel against her body. A sword is a versatile object when used properly. In the simplest form, it is a nice accessory to spank one with. Instead of a paddle, One can make her ass nice and red with the sword. Mine is a heavy model so the downward thrusts really make a dark mark.

Also, the end of the sword is pointed allowing for a severing of the skin. Using the weapon in this way requires precision and a steady hand. The idea is to not go too deep so as to hurt her. When it is done properly, the skin is marked without drawing blood. It is a great turn-on to see the red line underneath the skin where the blood is pushing to get out. Nevertheless, the occasional drawing of blood is not a bad thing. It will add to the scene if she is into that sort of thing.

Finally, the sword can be used to tinker with the sensitive areas. When blindfolded, she will jump when she feels that steel against the pussy. Again, this is only for those who are familiar with this form of play. Great damage can be caused if One is not careful. Nevertheless, she will go crazy at the feeling of being taken in such a way.

The experience last night was enhanced since I blindfolded her and proceeded without warning her. She was completely unaware of what was to transpire which adds to the enjoyment. A sub/slave loves being taken by someone she trusts. When you have the ability to move towards something so extreme, you will awaken even the most experienced sub/slave. Few will take the time to progress to this point. Do so and you will stand out.

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