June 25, 2009

Absolute M/s

As many of you are aware, the exchange of power is at the core of the Master/slave relationship. Also know as TPE (total power exchange), a slave turns all control over to his/her Master/Mistress. It is a basic idea; all decisions, power, control, and authority are in the hands of One. The other is to follow.

It seems there might be degrees of control which are handed over. As I travel around talking with others, there seems to be some misconception of what M/s is all about. This gets really hairy when I read different posts on the Internet. I believe many of these people are confused as to what is submissive versus being dominant.

For this reason, I outlined in my book, An Owned Life, a premise I call Absolute M/s. For many, this is the only true M/s relationship. This is where softcore exits and extreme enters. This is a lifestyle for only the strongest of submissives. Many enter to find they are not cut out for such an absolute way of life.

Again, the premise of control (or power) is completely in the hands of the Master. This is something which is indisputable. All decisions are his to make without exception. Of course, he might allow a slave to have the power to make decisions over certain areas of life. However, he is the one to authorize that. She can do nothing without his approval. Straying from this concept is worthy of punishment.

Many find it devastating to realize that he has the power to ignore a slave. As my regular readers know, I believe this is one of the most powerful punishment techniques available to a Master. Nevertheless, a Master is free to choose with whom and where he spends his time. If he decides he wants to hang with the guys 6 nights a week, so be it. Or if he wants to have another that he focuses upon, it is a slave's duty to be ready when he returns to her. In essence, her position is to be there for him when he wants/needs her. Anything else is only because he grants it.

A slave gives her mind, body, and soul to her Master in this type of relationship. It is termed "absolute" since there is nothing left to dispute. It is a breakdown of power where 100% is in his hands. Any attempt by her to exert influence is manipulative and deserving of punishment.

I often write that there is a wide door in the BDSM world. The same holds true for M/s. Many will structure their relationships in ways they see fit. There is nothing wrong with this approach. Yet it is important to note that many of those deemed M/s are really D/s relationships. Under this scenario, the sub has more of a say in what occurs. The breakdown of power is less absolute.

So what do you want? If you are one who wants the extreme state that an absolute M/s relationship offers, then go for it. The only suggestion is to be prepared to cede all notions of a romantic lifestyle. Many can tell you this way of life is lonely and wrought with a lot of inner turmoil. So be prepared.

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