June 8, 2009

Are You Ready To Convert

We often talk about the different depths that people can go to when entering this lifestyle. For those who prefer something a bit lighter, there is the D/s relationship. At the same time, M/s the preferred avenue for those who like to take the commitment to a deeper level. Again, the BDSM world is wide and varied with enough room for everyone.

Today, I would like to focus on the M/s relationship. This is a lifestyle which results in the total exchange of power. It is an absolute way to live. The submission is complete extending to every area that the Master so chooses. Some give slaves decision-making ability over things such as kids or careers. However, others do not. This is an individual choice of each Master.

This brings up the question of what length you are willing to go when you submit to another? Are you willing to change you entire life to suit the desires of your Master? There is a lot to consider when looking at this option. For example, are you willing to give up your political views if they oppose Master's? How about your beloved sports team when your Master roots for the archenemy? If you are to truly live in the M/s world, all choices conceivably are removed. Master is in charge of it all.

I see so many claim to be slaves only to witness them behave in a manner that looks domineering. A true slave knows her (or his) place. The idea of denying a request is foreign to her. The primary purpose of a slave is obedience. She is there to fulfill the desires of her Master. It is that simple. Her desires are only relevant if the Master thinks they are.

Is this an extreme way to live? Absolutely it is. That is why I believe there are very few who are cut out to exist in a 24/7 M/s relationship. Most want the comfort that comes from submitting yet want to hang onto the idea of independence. Well, one cannot have it both ways. You either are in control or you are not. M/s is an absolute lifestyle. The exchange of power is total and complete.

In my book, An Owned Life, I mention how entering into this realm with wide open eyes is crucial. Many get involved only to awaken to the fact that what is spoken here is real. Too often people operate under the premise that online is real. Sadly, it is not. The ability to say "no" is lessened when you are in the presence of your Master. Online he might issue a punishment that you might adhere to; or you might not. In real time, the paddle could be close at hand and there is no option other than receiving your punishment. This is the reality that true slaves live under.

If M/s if what you truly desire, I can only say go for it. However, try to sort through any disillusions you have about it being a "romantic" way of life. Often there are bouts of loneliness, frustration, and sacrifice. It is something that only for a certain type of person. Are you one of them? That is the question.

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