September 2, 2009

What Do I Tell?

This is a question that many subs/slaves ask themselves on a daily basis. What do I tell Him (or Her)? People often are confused just what they are suppose to take to the Dom/Master and what to keep inside. Naturally, without guidance, this can be a confusing proposition.

The job of a submissive type is to make the life of the dominant one easier. This is a topic which I write about quite often. However, there are certain things that a Dom/Master can help a submissive one straighten out. Therefore, most situations need to be brought forward.

I found that submissives will fall into one of two extreme categories. Either they want to tell the dominant one everything or keep it all within. Neither of these is a satisfactory solution.

Let us start with the one who wants to share all. As I just stated, it is her place to make His life easier. By taking every single incident to the Dom/Master, one ends up overburdening Him. Personally, I do not need to know every detail of the rift with the checkout girl at the supermarket. By the same token, there are certain conflicts which a Dom/Master can help one overcome. This is why there are certain things that should be brought to His attention.

I recently had this occur with one of my slaves. She is in a situation that is ongoing for the last few months. Everywhere she turned there was another roadblock. It got to the point where she was at her wits end. My slave knows I have a lot going on and she realizes her place is to unburden my life. Thus, she felt that it proper to not affect me with this dilemma.

Nevertheless, I sensed her frustration when talking to her on the phone. After some badgering, she revealed what the problem was. Within a few minutes, she was on the phone pursuing another solution. As of this moment the situation is still unresolved, but there are others now working on the problem.

Obviously, I cannot give you specific guidelines as to what is appropriate to bring to your dominant one. Each person is different so what I want mentioned might differ from someone else. Nevertheless, there are a few ideas worth mentioning.

To start, try to solve the problem yourself. Take a shot at arriving at a solution on your own. If there is a place that needs to be called, place that call to see if you get results. The best thing to bring to a Dom/Master is a resolved situation instead of a problem.

If there is something that needs mentioning, avoid complaining, finger pointing, and bitching. Like they said in Dragnet, "Stick to the facts ma'am". Tell him what is going on in as factual a way as possible.

Finally, clearly define your problem. It is stated that a problem clearly defined is half solved. Nothing frustrates me more than when a submissive brings a plethora of garbage to me that has no bearing on anything. Make sure that what you are focusing upon is the core issue. We can deal with that. Mishmash of ideas are more difficult to decipher.

These are just a few ideas to help with the communication with your Dom/Master. I would suggest that if you are going to err, it is better to tell him more than less. Withholding information from him is never a good habit to get into.

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Master Tone's slave, briseis on September 2, 2009 at 6:43 PM said...

As my Master's slave i want to leave all problems with HIm...please my Master i beg you to provide me with a solution of how to deal with it. No matter how small the problem is...i take it to my Master... i exist only to serve Him....please i dont want or need the other BS outside of Him...omg please no...let me take it to Him, He will guide me as He desires. ~briseis~

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