September 29, 2009

Striving To Be The Best

Are you a person who is seeking to continually grow? Do you spend your extra time watching television and senseless surfing the web? Or do you invest that time in yourself to become skilled at what you are doing?

Why do I ask these questions? I know this is a BDSM blog and not a motivational speaker's forum. However, the answers to these questions are telling of the kind of person that you are. In addition, it also reveals how successful you will be in this lifestyle.

BDSM is ever changing (at least to the individual). A quick search online will show you how many different facets there are. Anyone who feels that he or she is the holder of all the knowledge needed is mistaken. Life is a continual lesson. The same is true for BDSM.

I spent the better part of the last decade living this way of life. Nevertheless, rarely does a day pass where I do not encounter something new. While I will admit that these revelations are not earth shattering, they do show how I still am missing a bit of knowledge. When one considers all the different components of BDSM, you could literally make it a lifetime study. Hell, knot tying alone is something that can occupy the next 5 years. The truth is that more is to be learned.

Remember this as you travel through you BDSM relationships. It matters none whether you are a Master, Dom, Domme, sub, or slave. Each person can always grasp new material. We are never finished the learning process. Attaining "expert" status is a lifelong journey. Mastering one area simply means that you are a novice when you move onto something else. This is a precept of the universe and one that we are aligned with. Each day is a new beginning.

Therefore, my suggestion is to strive to be the best in all that you do. If you are a slave, serve you Master with all the vigor that you have. Try to better yourself each day so that you are more valuable to Him (or her). The same holds true for those in the dominant position. Be the best Dom/Master the world has ever seen. Learn all you can so that the one in your control enjoys the life to the fullest. My experience says that following this mindset will lead to success.

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