September 16, 2009

Efficient Use Of Time

I would like to thank all those who commented on my post titled "Online Attraction". If you haven't checked it out, there is a wonderful discussion starting with a few different participants. Valuable insight is being offered up by all.

Today, I would like to approach the BDSM from a more practical standpoint. Efficiency experts tell us the best use of one's time (in all walks of life) is for a person to focus on the most important tasks. What I mean is that one utilizes his or her capabilities for maximum gain while delegating lesser activities to others. For this reason, we do not see executives answering their own phones. It is far more productive to have an hourly employee fill that role while the executive concentrates on more important matters.

The M/s lifestyle, specifically, is like this. Ideally, a Master (or Mistress) will want to use his or her slave's time for maximum benefit. Having the slave concentrate on "lower" level activities allows the Master to dedicate time to other endeavors. This is a practical use of the M/s relationship.

On a personal note, I have a slave handle most of my household tasks. This allows me to focus my attention on other things like my writing. Also, there are a range of activities that she does which make my life easier. This is the role that a slave plays. Another one of my slaves handles much of the interaction with my IT personnel and the associated problems there. Here is another example of where I am freed up to dedicate myself to other things.

How a Master chooses to spend his or her time is up to that person. Not all choose to be productive with the time. Many will lounge around on the sofa watching television or reading a book while the slave attends to the appropriate chores. This is all a matter of personal preference. The important factor is to realize that the slave is freeing up the Master's time while making life easier for him (her).

This brings up a point about the previous post that I mentioned which had the discussion going on. Online relationships fail to net a Master more efficiency with his (her) time. Typically, a slave is not in a position to handle the tasks needed to make a Master's life easier without physically being there. Household details are left to him unless he pays someone else to do them. Yard work and other chores cannot be delegated under this scenario either. In short, I surmise that a slave has a difficult time making a Master's life easier when online. It is really only when the relationship moves to real time does that opportunity present itself. Of course, there are exceptions.

Just some food for thought.

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Master Tone's slave, briseis on September 16, 2009 at 9:35 AM said...

Yes i understand Your point Sir, i dont make His real life easier. Probably in fact would be easier for Him not to have to log in and chat at times, but then i guess that's when He doesn't.


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