September 11, 2009

Lack of Connection to Reality

If I read another post about "how my Master is absolutely wonderful and ideal", I am going to puke. Whenever I read this, I know that someone is lacking a connection with the real world. The simple truth of the matter is that nobody is ideal and that we all have our moments where we are less than spectacular.

I wrote that it is dangerous to put a Dom/Master on a pedestal. To me, this borders on "hero worship" which has no place in the BDSM community. We are all just people. The fact that someone appreciates the other person is wonderful. However, reality has to set in.

Using myself as an example, I will tell you that I am irritable, angry, intolerant, and frustrated. These are all emotions I experience throughout the course of a month. Of course, I am also happy, excited, passionate, and joyful at times. If you will notice, I just provided a partial list of human emotions.

To add to the situation, there are times when I fail to handle a situation properly. Some are led to think that I am unfair at particular times. Others will feel that I am playing favorites. Often I am accusing without evidence. Finally, my decisions might not always reflect the severity of the action.

Welcome to Life 101. We have the same issues as everyone else. It is no different than a newlywed gloating over her husband. Encounter that woman 5 years later to see if there is a difference in her outlook. Of course there is. This same woman will be complaining what a piece of garbage she married (okay maybe not to that extreme but you get the point).

The truth is that your Dom/Master isn't ideal or so wonderful. He (or she) is human. You might love and appreciate all he is but stop putting him on a pedestal. And, for Pete's sakes, stop gloating. Those who want to share with everyone the wonders of their Masters are usually the ones who are unhappy. They are using this as a front to cover up something else.

People need to get in touch with reality. People have flaws; this includes your Dom/Master. The rest of us are aware of this. Are you? If not, it is time to tap into reality.

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BlueEyes69 on September 11, 2009 at 10:37 AM said...

The more I come back, the more I learn. And, in this case, I've learned that I'm on target with my thoughts on/falling in love with my boyfriend. Thank you!



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