September 25, 2009

Come Hell or High Water!

This should be the motto of everyone who is in a Dominant/submissive relationship, especially M/s. The position of that person is to serve. Whatever is instructed, it is the responsibility of a submissive to fulfill that request, come hell or high water.

I see many who make feeble attempts at producing the results the dominant one desires. They approach the task as if it is something that was just suggested in passing. Even if this is the thought of the Dom or Master, it is a sub's position to fulfill that request.

The point behind this concept is that it shows the dedication that one has to her Dom/Master and the lifestyle. Most of us take this way of life very seriously. It is not something that is subject to negotiation. We live this because it is the chosen route for us. People who take a "half-assed" approach show their insincerity. Any sub/slave who is not willing to put forth complete effort on behalf of her Dom/Master is showing her lack of consideration for this way of life. I often feel this is a slap in the face of everyone who takes this way of life seriously.

I am a believer that there are no excuses. Certainly there are times that fulfilling a request is impossible. For example, it might be unrealistic to expect a slave to get the shopping done if she has no money. There are also times when an instruction might be out of a slave's ability. Asking her to move a 500 lb boulder without any equipment will not happen. If this task is to reach completion, it is a Master's responsibility to provide her with the tools to do that. Nevertheless, these are circumstances, not excuses.

Excuses are what is offered as a feeble attempt to distract the dominant one. It is basically a bullshit reason why something that could have been completed is still pending. This goes beyond valid reasons. Excuses are given when 100% effort was not given to the completion of the assigned task. They are a part of the vernacular of those who do not live by the "come hell or high water" philosophy.

A person who takes this approach to everything he or she is told will never have to offer up lame excuses. That individual can look his or her Master in the eye and say "I did all I could". If complete effort was put forth, any sane one will be accepting of that. A slave's motivation for obedience will show through. However, the desire must be present. Too many seem to take a light-hearted approach to things. Again, this shows a lack of respect.

Think about this approach when you are assigned a task. It will make you more successful.

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