September 12, 2009

Freedom To Choose

Many think they are free only to later realize that they lived in bondage. Obviously, writing about BDSM would entail mentioning bondage. However, the bondage we utilize is not exactly what I am referring to. In this instance the bondage is that which society puts on each of us.

We are all apt to be influenced by the conditioning of those around us. Everyday we see television ads, editorials, and remarks from our loved ones all which shape our beliefs. We are taught what is "acceptable" and what is not. Those closest to us tell us they want us to be happy so long as our choices match up with their expectations.

BDSM is not something that the mainstream promotes as "normal". Instead, society pushes the traditional mode as what is best for all. We are suppose to all fit into a "cookie cutter" type design for life. This is where much unhappiness comes from.

Those who willingly chose to get involved in BDSM realized they did not fit into the traditional model. We have tried that one and found it lacking. Therefore, we sought out a different way to live our life. Relationships are the business of the two people involved. Nevertheless, society has a way of sticking its nose into them.

It takes courage to go against the flow and choose what is right for oneself. William Shakespeare said "to thy own self be true". These words echo the sentiment I believe since I chose to live life this way. Each person needs to understand how powerful the social conditioning is.

The only way to be free is to make the conscious choice of what you want. Others will attempt to do that for you. Be prepared for some backlash when your decisions go contrary to their belief system. Beliefs are more powerful than the strongest prison. The walls of Sing Sing do not compare to the bondage placed within one's own mind.

We live in an alternative lifestyle. Just by the definition, our way of life is not common within society. Therefore, be ready to enter into the minority. For many, this is the path to freedom; for others, a fearful endeavor which is too difficult. See which category you fall into.

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