September 6, 2009


The idea of being property is one that is difficult for many to swallow. Being owned means that you submit to being the possession of another. That is the extreme part of the M/s lifestyle. For this reason, I feel that the majority of submissives cannot handle it. They are better off being involved in a D/s relationship where there are boundaries to the submission.

When one is owned, there are dynamics that many do not consider. The property concept really helps to emphasize some of these ideas which most overlook. Also, it reaffirms how all is ceded over to the Master.

I like to use the analogy to a piece of furniture. Often, property is valued based upon the uses that it provides someone. Furniture, for example, is useful only as long as it provides a benefit to the owner. When the item ceases to be useful, it is discarded in favor of something else. Or, as in the case with a sweater, it might be relegated to the back of a closet. Either way, the status of the item is based upon how useful it is.

Slaves seem to get wrapped up in their thoughts and emotions. This is not a place that a slave needs to go. When one is owned, the choices he/she makes is solely at the discretion of the Master. If that person is allowed to make choices, it usually is limited in a few particular areas where he/she is so trusted. The majority of decisions are made by Master and are final.

A slave needs to move more towards a neutral state. Many seem to want to hold onto an emotional bond while expecting the same from the Master. This is where many of the M/s relationship differ from the traditional world. Often, the feelings a slave gives are not reciprocated. As property, a slave is judged based upon how useful he or she is. Many come seeking to fill the void that was not present in the vanilla world. This commonly leads to unhappiness.

Another interesting thing about property is that it is not concerned how it is used. In fact, an item only does what it is designed to do. A sofa does not act like a television set. Nor does it replicate a sweater. Each item has a primary use even though some additional uses might be found. A coffee table, for example, is for placing items on. However, we all know that it can make an excellent footrest and seat. This item serves a few different purposes.

Slaves need not think that they need to serve every purpose. In fact, they cannot. Each person has ingrained talents that make her more effective in some areas. This means that she is better qualified to handle some activities. There has yet to be a slave who can provide everything to a Master.

The idea of being property seems like an emotionless journey. In many ways it is. Naturally, there are many different faces on the M/s relationship. Some are definitely within the confines of a loving, long-term relationship such as a marriage. However, not all will reflect this. Be mindful of this when you submit to another. The Master is the one who dictates the premise of the relationship after the submission occurs. This is the nature of M/s.

Many are left feeling empty when they believe that M/s is different than what it really is. They do not consider the effects their actions take. Having the expectation of a committed, loving relationship is not guaranteed. Many Masters know the concept of ownership and will treat one as such. Property is used for the benefit of the owner. That is the purpose it serves. A slave falls under this category whether she wants to admit it or not. Frustration over issues that are beyond her control only make the situation worse. When one is owned, she is property. To think otherwise changes the dynamic of the relationship.

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