September 8, 2009

Getting Together

See if this sounds familiar: one goes online to meet people. In the course of his/her travels on the web, a BDSM site is uncovered. After doing some research by surfing different sites, our interested submissive (only for this example-could easily be a dominant) joins a chat room. In this place of nirvana, our newbie encounters many different prospects to submit to. After chatting a while, one in particular catches his or her attention. Thus the start of an online relationship takes place.

After some time, our fearless sub realizes the Gods were looking down because he/she beat the odds by actually finding someone who is real. This leads us to our next step where the two agree to meet. After the arrangements are made, the two get together for a lavish 10 days of real time BDSM. Everything is perfect. The decision is made to get in the same zip code and live in real time.

At this point I must interject in our little story. It might sound that I am saying this "tongue in cheek". Actually, I am being serious about the path these two are forging. Most everyone would be fortunate to have things play out this way. If you find yourself in this situation, consider yourself very lucky. My belief is that 95% of what happens online is fake. Most of the people in chat rooms are nothing but frauds. We all know the Internet is just "one big masquerade ball". Most people put their masks on as soon as they hit the power button.

Nevertheless, for those who are able to get to this point, this is where the real difficulty begins. For the majority who enter this lifestyle, there are other issues to deal with. Many have children who must be considered. Along with them usually comes an ex who might have an issue with you taking his/her children out of state (or country). And then there is always the job consideration. Many find it difficult to simply leave one profession and find an equal placement elsewhere. These factors come into most situations.

The point is that getting together with another is not easy. Even if everything aligns between the two people, there are always other people involved. Few have the luxury to up and leave without any responsibility. Those that do often face considerable flack from friends and family members. It is best to remember that few understand our lifestyle. They see our choices through their societal conditioned glasses. This leads to harsh judgments about something they know little about.

Many are cut out for this way of life. Sadly, before we find this, we often set up life in the traditional model. This puts us in a position where we need to transition from the old to the new. Often a great period of time is spent trying to work out all the details. This can take anywhere from months to years. It is best to prepare for a long process. Few make it quickly.

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