September 7, 2009


Decisiveness is a trait that is critical for all Doms/Masters. It is something that the submissive types rely upon. Anyone who is indecisive will not instill confidence in another. Shoring up your decision-making skills is vital for success in the BDSM world.

I spent the last two days in a lethargic state. Much of this was due to getting a bit too much sun at the beach. However, being rundown physically affected my mental situation. I basically spent 48 hours in a state where I could not make the simplest of decisions.

This is something we all encounter periodically. We need to pay special attention to our physical state to ensure that we have the proper mental conditioning to deal with the issues which life throws at us. Also, we always need to remember that a sub/slave is dependent upon us for making the choices. That is the basis of the total power exchange.

Being a Dom/Master carries great responsibility. This is a way of life only for those who have the maturity to take on that burden. Owning another is not something that anyone can take lightly. When you are the "director", all eyes fall upon you. In the end, everything that occurs is a reflection on the Dom/Master. Lacking the ability to confidently make a decision shows how one is ill-prepared to be in this role.

Remember to be decisive with everyone you interact with. This is a trait of the successful Doms/Masters. It is best to practice it in all areas of your life. This will condition you to make it a habit. Decisiveness inspires trust which leads to loyalty. These are characteristics that are the foundation of all successful relationships. Pay special attention to how you approach the choices you have to make. Others are watching.

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