January 20, 2010

The Way You Carry Yourself

Many believe that dominating another consists of barking out orders to a submissive type and expecting they be followed. While that is an obvious aspect of things, being a dominant person requires a great deal more than that. Some of what I am going to discuss is going to separate the pretenders from the crowd.

Like I always mention, common sense goes a long way towards clarifying the issue. To start, a Dom will carry himself (or herself) in a certain way. There is a lot to be said about how one carries him or herself. Typically, a person's confidence and strength shines through in the demeanor that is maintained.

How are you carrying yourself? Do you approach situations like you are leery and unsure? Do you have the confidence in yourself and your abilities to weather any situation? Being in control of another person is a great responsibility; do you have the muster to live up to this? These are all questions that can be learned from simply looking at how one carries him or herself.

Pretenders get demanding. They need to be boisterous so as to have an impact. However, they fail to realize there is a much greater impact in the quiet approach. Those who are truly confident do not have to promote their power. It ultimately shines through in their actions.

We can see the same attitude online. There are so many "Masters" I come across who are anxious to exert their "power". They are all too willing to tell you they are Masters and are to be respected. Of course, anyone with have a brain knows that respect is earned and not freely given.

Online, I rarely tell anyone what I am unless they specifically ask. Usually, the information is provided in a profile anyway so if one wants to know, he or she can check out my profile in that group. I do not need to hear myself say I am a Master to try to reaffirm it. It is all part of how I choose to carry myself online.

Being a Dom/Master is not an easy course to hoe. There are many instances where issues arise which are completely your responsibility. Even if you didn't create them, the dominant person needs to straighten it out. Few are able to do this. Most have issues planning a vacation let alone being responsible for the direction of another person's life. Being in control is something that should not be taken lightly.

In closing, anyone who is considering this way of life needs to understand that being a Dom/Master is more than just having a sex toy. There is a great deal of effort required for success. Even under the best of conditions, most BDSM relationships fail (not unlike society in general). Relationships are work. However, if you believe that you are going to come in and just bark orders while walking around like a pansy, the chances of failure just increased substantially. Knowledge and effort are necessary.

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MC on January 28, 2010 at 11:45 AM said...

Many believe the lifestyle is all about control, and control is a major aspect, but in my mind a Master is not a Master unless a sub CHOOSES to submit as the slave.


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