January 12, 2010

A Way To "Sell" A Slave

I recently was told a story by a fellow Master about how his slave raises money for him.

As most of you are aware, Daytona Beach has it's annual Bike Week which brings thousands of people from all over the country. This particular individual decided to make a few dollars by having his slave sell "tit slaps" for a dollar. Throughout the entire two days they were there, she offered her tits as a slapping bag for the price of $1. He told me she came home blackened and bruised. Nevertheless, she raised $200 which she was instructed to spend on clothes for him.

This brings up the question: could you do this? Many want to claim they are slaves, here is an example of what one might be instructed to do. Like an obedient slave, she fulfilled the task as specified. Do you think you could handle the physical or emotional pain that goes with being treated like this? This is a far cry from some of the online games that are played by so many.

Welcome to reality. Nobody said that M/s was for the weak.

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