January 19, 2010


Many consider BDSM to be a fetish. This is not the case. BDSM is a lifestyle genre which can include many different fetishes. People get involved in many different ways while going to varied extremes. Overall, it is a flexible way of life that allows for the involvement of most anyone.

This brings up the question, where do fetishes fit in? My experience is that there are many interests among members of this lifestyle. Certainly, there are a number of common areas. However, there are equally just as many differences. This is one of the things that makes BDSM so interesting.

I often write that "there is no one size fits all" approach to this way of life. You will meet people who are involved in almost anything the mind can imagine. Some are extreme in their practices while others are tempered. This makes for a unique interaction.

When you meet someone with a particular fetish, remember that it is a personal choice and not reflective of the entire lifestyle. There are times when you will match up with someone (or some people) with the exception being one or two kinks. Do not allow this to ruin your chances at interaction. Some like things that might be off the beaten path.

Spanking and bondage seem to be fetishes that are fairly common among all of us. Nevertheless, when it comes to kink, the paths can get wide and sorted. Many are into watersports or scat. Others have foot or stocking fetishes. Still others like electrical or needle play. Whatever your particular flavor, it is possible to find it within the BDSM community.

Choosing the BDSM way of life is not a choice that limits you. Instead, it is my experience that it is the path to freedom. If you want your dreams to come true, this might be the avenue for you.

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