January 26, 2010


It seems many have a misplaced idea about mistakes. Again, this seems to be something where common sense leaves the reservation when dealing with the M/s world.

In any activity, mistakes are the best learning tool. Often, the best
way to become adept at something is to try it and fail. It is through
the failing process that we gain some of the most valuable lessons. It
is a rarity where someone enters a new activity and is proficient at it
immediately. It takes some time to learn what is required. For example,
I am sure Tiger Woods hit a ball or two into the water. Einstein failed
in countless experiments. Lincoln lost numerous elections. Yet all
learned from previous experience to become successful.

A slave learns a great deal from the mistakes she makes. This is where
she gains valuable insight into how her Master would like her to behave. There are many ways to learn, but trial and error seems to be a part of humanity. It is how we best come to understand things. Therefore, mistakes are not something to be feared. They are a welcomed part of the growth process.

Many Masters seem to miss this vital point also. I hear of so many
slaves being punished for making a mistake. While I will grant that
repeated failure can be a sign of disobedience, a single error is not
necessarily cause for this action. I believe the most vital aspect of
any situation is that the slave learns the lesson contained therein. It
is more important to do that than for a Master to inflict punishment. A
mistake is not one acting bad. It is an opportunity to learn.

Again, for any of this to be relevant, a Master first needs to mindset
to lead His slave in the growth process. Unfortunately, many seem to
want to continually stifle the slave's abilities. It seems to be the
only way They feel that control can be maintained.

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MC on January 28, 2010 at 11:27 AM said...

Again I agree with you Dennis.

I believe any Master who punishes his slave for making mistakes is doing one of two things -- attempting to teach the slave proper behaviour through the use of force (and fear), or just looking for an excuse to beat their slave. Some slaves do need the fear of punishment to keep them in line, but there are often better ways. As for finding an excuse to beat a slave, I see that as a wussy way of being a dom. If you want to beat your slave, do so because it pleases you (and hopefully the slave too.)


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