January 15, 2010

Playdate Tips

Many get together for scenes with people they do not know so well. It is baffling whenever I read of someone who met another off the Internet in a motel room only to meet with a tragic end. Times like these require precaution on your part. Trusting the validity and experience of another is foolhardy in the sense you never know if one is an "axe murderer".

Here are some things that you can do to protect yourself:

1. Check the other person out as much as you can. Use any means necessary to find out first/last name, phone numbers, model of cars, home/work address, and license plate number.

2. Meet in a public spot. Do not rush into a secluded area without first spending some time learning about the person face-to-face. Online does not count for real interaction in this matter.

3. Tell someone else where you will be and arrange a time that you will call. This allows you to have a link to the outside world.

4. Safe words. Always a must whenever you are dealing with a new dom or sub. One never can know the threshold that one has. Safe words allow for a pull back if things get to severe.

5. Consider setting up a camera which uploads to a site automatically. This can help deter the crazies.

6. Bring another person along. Even if the person is not in the room, have him or her stand outside the door. Again, this is a deterrent against crazy behavior.

7. Finally, use some common sense. If something seems amiss, or you get a bad feeling, leave immediately. It is not worth the gamble if you think something is wrong.

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