October 15, 2010

Plight In Life

This is going to stray a little outside the bounds of BDSM. I am going to share some observations about what I notice going on this the normal world. There are going to be some presumptions but, as I age, I see people who opt to fit into one of the two categories. Notice how I said the word 'opt' since we all our life is nothing but choices.

The Two Categories

Using out BDSM terminology, I noticed there are people who are Masters and then those who are slaves. Society, of course, uses different terms. It prefers to call people 'leaders' and 'followers'. The leaders are the one society esteems while the followers are looked down upon. This is the way it always was and, I presume, always will be.

The ironic thing is that few people consciously choose their plight in life. Instead, it is thrust upon them by the environment they exist within. We all tend to be products of our surroundings. We ultimately emulate those who are closest to us. Business leaders tend to breed other business leaders. Blue collar workers do the same thing. While we might envy others in a different situation, we usually follow those who we interact with.

The Ingrates

The world needs both sets of people. For many, the life as a slave is a perfectly acceptable way to live. There are many who do not have the material wealth but are rich in other ways. They live life according to their own precepts and reside the dogma that is forced upon them by others. Overall, they are wonderful people who truly make an impact on those around them.

Then there are those who are the exact opposite. These are the people who are societal ingrates. When one looks at their lives closely, it is easy to see they serve no purpose. If the person disappeared tomorrow, would anyone miss them? We find these are the people who deep down are not very nice people. They do not contribute but, rather, take in all instances. People like this attempt to use everyone they interact with. Instead, I believe these are the ones that are meant to be stepped upon. Too often, I find the situation is easy to turn on them. A lack of intelligence is often a barrier that cannot be surmounted.

No Equality

There is no such thing as equality. Nature dictates this to us all. Whenever one analyzes the natural laws, it is easy to see that there is no such thing as a level playing field. Realizing this will make your life a lot easier. It is those who hold out the false hope that someday everything will be 'just' who keep buying into the polyanna pipedreams. Life is a difficult challenge that rewards those who excel. Those who fall behind get swallowed up.

The ingrates in the world end up getting swallowed up in their own deception. Those who have the inner strength to grow, learn, and improve are the ones who have a chance. They are the individuals who have the ability to move from slave to Master. Choosing to live your life according to someone else is something that most do not even opt for themselves. Instead, they allow others to dictate this to them. At the same time, those who make the conscious choice to move in the direction they desire find they never have to bow before another individual. Life is a conscious choice that requires a great deal of inner searching.

BDSM Is A Conscious Choice

Anyone who is new to BDSM is beginning the search. This is the stage where one needs congratulations. Few ever take this initial step which is so life altering. It is not easy to remove oneself from the dogma that society preaches. Cultures typically do not promote the idea of individual choice or freedom. Sure it is paid lip service but society is about obedience and control.

Those who choose to break free from this mindset and search out the path to their own fulfillment requires strength. BDSM is one of the avenues people can opt for to find happiness. We all were confronted with the fact that what we were previously doing was not working. BDSM offered the route to entertain our desires. Suddenly, many of us found that the BDSM way of life provided a great deal more. However, none of it is possible unless one makes the conscious choice to begin the search.

Everyone has a different plight in life. There are many out there who seem to be 'born to be stepped on'. Nevertheless, these type of people are not involved in the BDSM way of life. Anyone who undergoes the necessary inner examination to determine what he or she wants and has the guts to follow that, is not a weak person. Thus, that individual will always be able to hold his/her head up high. There is something special about a person who is willing to walk away from the masses to pursue his or her own end. BDSM is where one can adopt a new plight in life.

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