October 18, 2010

A Place For Real People

I am writing this as a way to notify everyone of an option to the traditional BDSM sites that exist. If you arent already aware, over the past year we have developed a BDSM community to rival some of the other sites that presently exist. However, we did seek out on difference: to establish a place where people who are truly interested in this way of life can share their real time experiences.

Fake Prevention

One of the biggest problems with the popular 'bdsm communities' is that they are infested with people who are trolling around looking to make an easy score. While their motivations are many, most of them are playing online games looking to meet their short-term needs. They are not really interested in delving deeper into this way of life.

At the An Owned Life BDSM community, we seek to prevent the fakes from ruling the roost. This site is not designed for quick searching of members of the opposite sex. Interactions requires time and effort, something that the fakes detest. Also, it is a community which fosters the sharing of knowledge between members. Those looking to just 'hit on a bunch of people' tend not to stay around.

Social Features

We have a variety of features common to social sites. To start, there is a twitter-like feature where one can post short blurbs about ideas floating through one's head. This is also a terrific play to have back and forth real time conversations.

In addition, we have a forum, chat bar (like Facebook), a chatroom, and blogs. One is also able to post things on another's profile page much in the same way as Facebook. Friends can be added to make for easier interaction with like-minded people.

Every month we are adding new features to make the site more enjoyable for everyone who visits. Come join us and share you experience and desires.

Visit http://anownedlife.socialparody.com if you havent already done so.

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