October 4, 2010

Slavery: The Path to Freedom?

To those of us who are involved in this way of life, this does not seem like such a contradiction. However, to the outsider, this premise makes no sense. Of course, if one looks at society in general, he or she notices the few realize they are living in bondage. The truth is that most people are slaves.

Freedom: Man's Natural State

Man's natural state is freedom. This is something that he has fought for throughout his existence. History is filled with stories about people who stood up against their oppressors. Deep down, we all root for the underdog since it is something that we all can identify with. Each if us has been in situations where we were up against insurmountable odds. At the same time, everyone, to one degree or another, has felt what it is like to be unfairly treated. These times only serve to get our ire up. I know that my homicidal tendencies increase whenever I experience this.

People are imprisoned everyday. This is a state of existence that is unnatural. Anyone in this situation immediately rebels at the idea. The days are counted down until release. Freedom is craved. We see in this toddlers who try to exit their cribs (or carseats). We simply do not like being restrained. Our natural druthers are to be free.

Societal Conditioning

Society conditions us into behaving in ways that remove our freedoms. We are taught to obey the law or else we pay some adverse consequence. For many infractions, we must pay a fine. However, for the more serious crimes 'against society', we literally lose our freedom. Physical incarceration is the most recognized.

There is another way society robs us and that is in the area of thought. Over the years, we are trained to think a particular way. Humans tend to be products of the environment they grew up in. We simply absorb the beliefs and ideas that are presented to us. All our values of right and wrong are handed to us. Few take the time to question anything that is presented. Instead, the masses swallow it all as factual. Therefore, the Yankees are scum and their fans evil. Christianity is the only 'proper' belief and everyone else is destined for hell. Republicans (or Democrats) are ignorant and should be tried for treason. No matter what the belief, it is evident that we didnt create them on our own.

BDSM is Freedom

BDSM is an alternative lifestyle. By its very definition, that means that it is not practiced by the majority of society. To be engaged in this way of life, one must go through so kind of 'alternative thinking'. Deviation from the mainstream always starts in the mind. I suppose that is why few ever undertake this exercise since it requires this act. Few have the internal fortitude to question anything he or she believes. In their mind, society is always correct.

Why do I believe that BDSM is freedom. Simply because it is a choice that one exercises. Since it is not commonplace, anyone who enters this realm is exercising his/her ability to choose. To me, that puts one ahead of 95% of the people who are out there. Most excel at blind allegiance. They obey with whatever the prevailing notion is while rejecting anything that goes counter to that. BDSM is something that is rejected as perverted, ridiculous, and immoral. Anyone engaged in this way of life is also determined to be those things.

Living according to one's own desires is a sign that one is willing to shed the societal chains in search of individual happiness. The truth is that nobody can decide for another what is the best way for that person to live. Each of us has individual needs we want met. Our internal programming differs to the degree that it takes different things to lead to fulfillment. The common path is not always the 'golden path'. In fact, it often leads to unhappiness.

The traditional life was tried by most everyone who is in a BDSM relationship. We tried the equitable power exchange model and found it wanting. It is not something that matched up with our desires. Instead, we opted to seek out something that satisfied that core need. BDSM was the answer. Some found themselves suited to take on responsibility and be Masters while others wanted to completely serve another as slaves. And, we find a host of people who are in between those two ends of the spectrum. Regardless of where anyone stands, he or she made a conscious choice to pursue this path.

Therefore, for many slavery is the path to freedom.

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Deus on October 6, 2010 at 8:14 AM said...

Although I tend to agree with this viewpoint, I get a bit anxious whenever I hear it out of the mouth of a fellow big letter person. Some, I know, believe this in their heart. Others, I fear, see it as potential propaganda to help them get another under their thumb. Any thoughts?


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