February 15, 2010

Master-slave love?

There was a thread on the An Owned Life social site that dealt with love and the M/s relationship. This is an interesting topic since there are so many degrees of love that we encounter. Within this lifestyle, we see no concrete answer either. People experience different things. The interaction between two people is personal.

Love is found in many relationships that we have. That being said, we know that "not all love is created equal". For example, we love our children, parents, spouses, friends, and other relatives. However, the "love" we feel is different. Nobody can claim the love for a spouse is the same as one feels for a parent. While they are both love, they vary in depth and degree.

Naturally, one is not better than the other. A love for our parents is an amazing experience. So are the feelings we have for our true lifelong partner. Some might try to classify each type but in the end, it is still love.

In M/s, we see all kinds of relationships formed within the lifestyle. Perhaps most common is the one which has a traditional component in that there are two people involved. These two are in a feeling-based relationship built upon love; it might be a marriage or something similar. Either way, the relationship is primarily built around that love. In this situation, the BDSM component is added to further enhance their relationship.

Then there are those relationships that seem to lack the "love" component. Whereas the situation before contained the romantic love component, many BDSM relationships aren't this way. Instead, there is an interaction which seems "feelingless" from the outside. This is not the case. There are many who have a type of love which is not the toe-curling, take-your-breathe-away. Rather, this resembles more the love has for a family member. It is there and both people know it yet cannot be put into words.

Is one better than the other? Only you can be the judge of that for yourself. Each person is responsible for defining and creating one's own relationship. There are many personality types out there and not all will fit into what you are seeking. It is important to find the type of "lover" you require. Not everyone is into deep, romantic relations. Nor is everyone cold and standoffish. People have a wealth of experience based upon upbringing that makes them the person they are today. Compatibility is something that everyone should prospect for. In the end, it is a vital component.

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