February 6, 2010

Emotional Drains

Anton LaVey called them "psychic vampires". Basically, these are the people who will drain all the emotional strength out of you. These are the ones that you dread encountering in a store, hallway, or even on the phone. You know your entire visit will be spent listening to him or her bitch about the state of affairs. "Life is crap" is the overriding sentiment.

I have found many in this way of life who fit into this description. No matter where you go, they are continually complaining about things. This is true whether it is a chatroom, a post on a forum, or a blog entry. His or her life must be put out there for the public to read.

Why is this so common? I have no concrete answer for this. However, I do have a theory. I have noticed that emotional immaturity is prevalent among many who are drawn to this way of life. This seems to be really common on the submissive side of things. It seems many are choosing this life as a means to overcome the failures in other areas of life. Perhaps this is one of the attractions to submission: the ridding of responsibility.

Nevertheless, these people will drain all your energy. Even online, it is difficult not to get emotionally attached to some of the stories presented. Unfortunately, this is most often a waste of time since many of these people are not real to begin with. They are simply seeking an escape for the disaster that is life.

By getting drawn in, one will lose all emotional power. This type of person will suck you dry if you allow it. No matter what happens, they will always turn it around to make themselves the victim. This allows them to post all the ills that happened in an effort to gain the sympathy of all else.

The truth is there is no helping this type of person. Unless they are ready to assume responsibility for their lives, there is not a single thing an outsider can do to assist. All suggestions will fall upon deaf ears since that person truly has no intention of trying to make things better.

What can result if your life is made worse. It takes all our emotional strength to deal with the issues in our own lives. Life is not easy under any circumstance. However, when we expend energy on those who are unworthy of it, we sap ourselves of a valuable resource needed to meet the demands we are confronted with.

In the real world, it is a simple fact that, more often than not, the one offering the help is drawn down as opposed to the other being lifted up. This is something that we all need to remember. There are many in this way of life who simply aren't worth the emotional effort.

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