February 14, 2010


Where does the line between having fun and actually being a mature person take place? I see many who like to "play" online. This is an activity that I have participated in quite often. We all need to let loose and "take our shoes off" once in a while. However, the question I have is where does this end? In other words, can this be an indication of something more than just playing?

The reason I bring all this up is because I see many engaging in their little online goofy games. Many times, the actions I witness is that of a child. The maturity level of these people is instantly called into question. Of course, one of the advantages of chat rooms and forums is that we can let loose "the child within". I feel if the activities were left at this point, things would be alright. But, my opinion, is they are not.

It takes maturity to make relationships work. This is not an earth shattering proposition. Nevertheless, many who play online seem to simultaneously have issues in their personal lives. This makes me wonder whether the online immaturity is really a reflection of something deeper. Can they really let the "games" go and deal with another in a mature manner?

Sadly, I will say that many are dealing with something deeper. This seems to be magnified on the submissive side of the equation. For whatever reason, this lifestyle attracts many who are incapable of dealing with people on a rational level. Instead, they behave in childish ways in every aspect of their lives. Ultimately, this creates chaos in their relationships.

I have never encountered so many people who lack basic social skills as the BDSM online community. That being said, I have to admit that I havent spent a lot of time within other online communities so, perhaps, it is just the online immaturity I am witnessing. Nevertheless, this seems to transcend into the real lives of people. It is amazing to see "mature" people so incapable of dealing with life. It is as if BDSM is being used as a way to hide from life.

I don't know if the rantings of my mind make any sense today. However, I see so much immaturity I am starting to wonder where all the "grown ups" are. Just food for the mind.

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