March 3, 2010

Pushing Too Far

What is a sub/slave truly capable of? I believe finding out is one of the major responsibilities of a Dom/Master. It is important that a sub/slave be conditioned to continually grow. Without this, stagnation is the result. Life is meant to move in a forward direction. Those who try remain where they are ultimately end up going backwards. A Dom/Master needs to push one to move further.

Of course, one needs to be adept at this art. This is one of those things that is more "art than science". There are no written rules as to the best way to "push" a sub/slave. Each individual is different. Part of the process is to uncover that which will make him or her respond.

One area to look at is past experiences. Human nature dictates that we most often will bring past experiences into present situations. Memories do not just vanish. This is magnified when the past was emotionally charged. People who are victims of abuse, as an example, are subject to relive those experiences in his or her mind. Oftentimes, the impact is so severe that counseling is required.

I suggest that anyone who is afflicted with such situations seek the proper trained attention. Dom/Masters are many things. However, few are licensed therapists able to deal with many of the psychological circumstances that arise from such past traumas. Trying to push those issues aside will rarely prove effective. Help is often needed.

Anyone who is in control of another person's life bears a large responsibility. This is not something to take lightly. Moving a sub/slave forward in her growth process while maintaining the "gentle" touch so as not to produce harm is trying. Knowing when to pull back so as not to cause this damage is equally as difficult. Nevertheless, safety is always the highest priority.

The most important thing a Dom/Master can do is not to push one too far. Take into account past experiences and be mindful of when they may be reappearing. If something is mentioned as a Hard Limit, give that the proper thought and consideration. There certainly might be a valid reason as to why that limit exists. Hard Limits are perfectly acceptable when there is a worthwhile reason. Pulling back when you reach one is a way to ensure not pushing one too far. Overall, you will find more happiness if you can develop this art.

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