March 8, 2010

Different Alternative Lifestyles

As one who lives and writes about alternative lifestyles, I am interested in the choices people make. Obviously, there is a great deal of mental conditioning that is overcome to break away from the traditional mindset. I believe this must be done before one is able to succeed in any type of alternative lifestyle. Once this is accomplished, however, it is amazing how quickly one will take to other lifestyles.

Sex is a tool that society uses to control the masses. We see this in the laws that our government establishes and the religious dogma that is drilled into us from the earliest days. Each of these bodies attempts to restrict what practices are engaged upon. In doing so, the conditioning forces one to forfeit freedoms he or she might otherwise enjoyed. Fear is the primary weapon used to implement obedient behavior. Failing to adhere to the established protocol ends in extreme punishment (jail or hell depending upon who is doing the preaching).

Alternative lifestyles do not fit into the mainstream ideal for living life. In fact, it is my opinion that the existence of these very ideas threatens the establishment and sends panic through their ranks. Have you ever noticed how intolerant the religious folks are for homosexuality? Are the churches the ones who are suppose to teach love and tolerance? I can only presume it is love and tolerance for what they declare within the boundaries of acceptability.

Freedom is something that a person needs to fight for. Breaking free from the old conditioning is a difficult process. However, the ability to do so will open up many different worlds to you. The first step is relinquishing the hold others have upon you.

BDSM is an alternative lifestyle that is fairly different from mainstream. However, it is something that is so versatile that it fits into many of the ideas that the traditional model has. For example, many within the BDSM community are married and share monogamous relationships. This is within the parameters that society deems acceptable.

Then there are the forms of BDSM which aren't within the mainstreams area of normalcy. People in this behavior face additional scrutiny because of their choices. Many take exception to the way some of our relationships are structured. They detest the openness that many opt for.

While BDSM is one aspect that people involved themselves in, it is not uncommon for these same people to be in other alternative lifestyles. Many within this way of life are gay or bisexual. That opens another arena that is contrary to the mainstream. Also, some of us like to engage in swinging as a recreational activity. Another lifestyle is that many are into polyamory in addition to open sex. Here they will have triads or quads established as the means for their relationship structure.

The point is that rarely do people fit into one category or another. Using myself as an example, I am a:

Dom (dominant type)
Levayan Satanist

These are just a few of the particular lifestyles that I am apt to frequent from time-to-time. Some of them are a regular part of my day while others are periodic. Nevertheless, as you can see, I am into a bunch of alternative lifestyles. Over the years, once I broke the traditional mindset, many different windows opened to me. As I explored further, I was able to engage in activities that many consider taboo without fear or guilt. My life is a lot freer in many regards than before simply because I am able to approach something different with an entirely open mind. This is something that I see non-existent in the traditional model.

Be mindful of the alternative lifestyles that you encounter. By embarking upon this journey, you will find that a new world of possibilities open to you. After all, this is your life so why not live it as you see fit.

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rose on March 8, 2010 at 4:03 PM said...

It is interesting though, that not everybody who has 'opened' him/herself to alternative lifestyles will do it the same way. Not everybody will choose to enter more than one of the categories you mentioned. We're all different, and we all do things a different way, even among the same 'alternative lifestyle' subcategory.

For example, both Master and myself are bisexual, and yet we have no interest in polyamory. Other D/s and M/s couples, find it a key element in their relationships.

Just another little human variation. What a thought provoking post! Thank you!

-respectfully, rose.

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