March 22, 2010

Judgment of Others

Over the last week or so I wrote a few posts regarding the importance of maintaining a low profile. Many have the urge to proclaim their lifestyle choice to anyone who will listen. Sadly, this often leads to unexpected trouble from those who lack the understanding about what we are into.

A case that recently made news is the polygamist group that was out in Texas. Last year the authorities raided them in an effort to stop the child abuse that was occurring. This specific organization evidently believed that arranged marriages with underage children was appropriate. Therefore, the government brought child molestation charges against many of the members.

Here is an article that tells how one of the participants was just sentenced to 75 years in jail. This man married a 15 year old which was enough to get him the harsh sentence. According to the article, 8 others are awaiting trial.

So, what is my beef you ask? I am not going to ever defend a child molester. Whether one is acting in the name of God or the Devil, abusing children is never acceptable. This man deserves everything he gets. However, this is not garnered my interest. The fact that this sect, with a couple hundred members is in the news is what strikes me as odd. Why is this national news?

The simple answer is because they are polygamists. Mainstream likes to make examples out of people who live differently from the norm. Polygamists were targets for prosecution for decades. Simply by following what they believe true for them, they risk being arrested and jailed. These cases from Texas have little to do with child molestation as compared to maintaining the social order of things.

If you think that I am off my rocker on this, compare this situation to one that had similar activities. The only difference between the two is the size of the organization and how socially acceptable it is. Think back to the news that broke about the decades of abuse committed by members of the Catholic Church. Sure, there was an uproar. But, proportionately speaking, the sentencing was minor compared to the amount of crimes that occurred. If thousands of kids were abused by a bunch of polygamists, the nation would be ready to execute. Priests from the Catholic Church do it and it is mostly swept under the carpet.

This is the reality of society. Anyone who tries to deny this fact is only putting him or herself in jeopardy. We live in an alternative lifestyle. It is that simple. People, for the most part, will not accept us. They cannot help to judge us through the prism of their world. The average person believes how he or she lives is correct while anything outside that boundary is incorrect (immoral). BDSM definitely fits into that category.

Here we have another example of why maintaining our secrecy in terms of our lifestyle choice is crucial. Trust me when I tell you there are forces out there who will like to make an example out of you. The news stories are appearing on a regular basis. Pay attention so that you are not one who finds yourself in front of a judge.

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