December 17, 2009

Humiliation Activities

Erotic Humiliation is an aspect of the BDSM lifestyle. Both dominant and submissive parties often find their experiences enhanced by implementing this wonderful technique. As I mentioned in my book, Erotic Humiliation, this is something that both parties should be emotionally and mentally prepared for. Nevertheless, for those with the proper mindset, it is a fabulous way to emphasize the exchange of power that occurs within a BDSM relationship.

There are many ways to approach this technique. As explained in my book, there is both verbal and physical humiliation. Employing both facets will increase the pleasure derived from your scene.

Here are some ideas which can be used to "humiliate" a sub.

-Used as an object like a piece of furniture
-Having derogatory words like slut, whore, sissy, and cunt written on the body
-Made to dress like the opposite sex (especially effective with male subs)
-Require permission to do anything
-Withhold bathroom privileges or make him/her use the yard like an animal
-Make the sub eat out of a dog dish
-Strip him or her in front of others
-Have that person answer the door naked
-Pee or poo on the sub
-Have that person sleep on the floor
-Place him or her in a cage
-Sexual interludes/servicing of others on command
-Naked in public

These are just a few ideas that you can implement. Over the next couple of days I will add more to this list for you.

Click here for your copy of Erotic Humiliation.

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