December 6, 2009


Have you ever noticed all the neat stuff that is offered on different BDSM websites. You literally could spend a small fortune filling your BDSM toolkit with different floggers, paddles, cuffs, and other accessories to increase you BDSM experience. This situation really gets expensive when you look into furnishing your house with an assortment of BDSM furniture. The total bill for all this can run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

How do you get around this situation if you are on a budget? My suggestion is to get creative. While the professionally made products look good and fulfill their intended purposes, I found that many things can be replicated with a little creativity.

To start, I operate from the premise that BDSM furniture and accessories are meant to be functional as opposed to looking good. The best scene in movies are those which look rough and like an actual dungeon. This is the end I always strive for when I am creating a play area. Therefore, unless you are planning on making a distributed production, do not fret over achieving a professional quality.

When entering into BDSM, the desire is to go spend a bundle of money acquiring all kinds of interesting toys. Resist this temptation. It is a mistake that is commonly made and will only end up wasting valuable resources. This is a situation where it is best to proceed slowly. Take your time to learn what you like before embarking on a spending spree.

I repeatedly write that there are many facets to the BDSM lifestyle. It is up to you to decide what is attractive to you (and your partner) and what you enjoy. What turns one on might turn another off. Keep this in mind when you are experimenting.

Applying creativity to your BDSM life is a recommended path. When you see something online, ask yourself "what does this device do". Look at the function of the accessory (or furniture) and then consider ways you can replicate it. For example, there are expensive paddles, riding bats, and crops available. However, when it comes to a good spanking, nothing can top a common household spatula. The cost: $0 since most kitchens have at least one already.

This process can be repeated with most objects. Naturally, the allure of the professionally made products is the quality and extra functionality they provide. I feel that once you determine what aspects of play you like, then it is worth the money to buy the proper toys. In the meantime, use your imagination to determine your level of kink before making a larger investment. This will eliminate the possibility of having a closet full of unused toys.

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