December 15, 2009

Respect for Master/Mistress

Again, this is one of those posts that is going to stray towards the more extreme end of BDSM. The M/s relationship is about as far as one can go in terms of the total exchange of power. As repeatedly mentioned, in M/s, this extends to every area of one's life. Compare that with a D/s situation where the control is usually limited only to the sexual arena.

When looking at the M/s relationship, it is crucial that the submissive one always be mindful of showing her Master (Mistress) the proper respect. This is fundamental for long-term BDSM success. Sadly, too many fail to exhibit the proper respect in all their activities. This ultimately reflects upon the Master which creates an unenviable situation.

Many seem to feel that respect is simply a matter of saying "Yes Sir" or "No Ma'am". This is incorrect. When one is making these statements, he or she is being cordial. This is not necessarily a sign of respect. Often, people will be uttering these words while behaving in ways that are totally demeaning. The old adage that actions speak louder than words applies.

Respect for a Master needs to permeate all through one's life. Every action needs to be undertaken to ensure that the worth of a Master is upheld. This is done by acting as if one is on display for everyone to see.

I see so many who are simply embarrassments. These people claim to be obedient and honorable slaves. Yet, they behave in ways that are contrary to what these words mean. Everything about a slave needs to scream "my Master is the best". This is only accomplished if she addresses every area of her behavior.

If one wanted a checklist of how to monitor what is acceptable, take a look at physical space around you. Is the house messy or is it a place that your Master would be happy to bring people? Are his clothes pressed to perfection? Is your attire a proper reflection of what he wants emphasized? Do you take the time to make yourself presentable to others in case he brings someone around? These are all tidbits which show the package that is your M/s relationship.

Another way to show respect of in your obedience. When a slave disobeys her Master's instructions, she is "showing him up". I have witnessed slaves do this to their Masters in public. This is the utmost of disgrace. My opinion is a person of that nature should be released instantly. He or she has no business pretending to be a part of this lifestyle. The exchange of power is the fundamental aspect of our way of life and when a slave is acting contrary to that, she is showing disrespect for not only her Master, but all who choose to live this way.

A slave should be seen but not heard. This is especially true when others are around. Certainly there are environments when a slave can have the freedom to speak freely. However, my experience is that many cannot handle this freedom. This is true whether it is online or in real time. The immaturity of many make it impossible for them to put their selfish desires aside. This equates to an inadequacy on their Master's part.

Try to remember this the next time you decide to venture into public. If you truly are a slave, you will be on your best behavior at all times. You truly never know who is watching.

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