December 30, 2009

Answering The Call

Over the last few weeks, I wrote a number of posts pertaining to the mindset and place of a submissive. My travels around the Internet lead me to conclude that many seem to miss the basic of concepts. Hence, I tried to spell out some ways that people can go about altering their outlook towards those they serve.

One thing that seems basic to me is the idea of being available to your dominant one. This might be common sense but obviously is missed by many people. I read about those who choose not to answer the phone when a Master/Dom calls. My question is "who are you to choose when you decide to interact?" Again, I believe this is a basic concept yet many fail to grasp it.

I continually write that many feel they are cut out for the extreme aspects of BDSM. The truth is that most lack the proper mindset to achieve this end. It is difficult to overcome the lifetime conditioning of control and power. Also, many sense some submissiveness while falling short when it is truly tested. One's life is not in his or her hands once the decision is made to turn it over to another. The extreme nature, especially of M/s, is what separates this lifestyle from the traditional. It is also what weeds out many people.

"Answering the call" means being available whenever needed. This also means that you do as instructed. Too many believe that waffling is part of the equation. It is not. This way of life is not for the fainthearted. Being submissive is not a sign of weakness but, rather, strength. Living your life dedicated in the capacity to serve another requires a tremendous amount of inner fortitude. Sadly, there are many who seem to lack it.

Much is written about the difference between online and real time. I am one who believes there is no comparison. Anyone who lived even a moment in real time knows the difficulties that are faced. Online is a cakewalk compared to dealing with the daily life struggles associated with BDSM. Following directions when someone is physically there takes on a much different meaning than when you live online. The reality is that there are times when disobedience screams with every fiber of your being. Are you able to suppress what you experience and diligently follow? Reading different peoples posts, I would say that many cannot. They feel they have the right not to answer the phone.

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Anonymous said...

Answering the call??....Outside of my kids my Dom would always have precedence over any matter in my life.
Answering the call?? Right now, I long for contact and communication.

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