December 16, 2009

Online Behavior

In the last post I wrote about Respect for a Master. Today, I would like to delve a little more into the behavior a sub/slave shows online.

The Internet changed many facets of this lifestyle. It helped to take something that was deeply underground and bring it more into the mainstream. BDSM is now an acceptable choice for people to make without fear of total alienation by the majority of people. Kink is now in.

However, as I have expressed, there are many pitfalls presented by this newer medium. Without going into all the drawbacks, basically there is a tendency for people to behave in ways they ordinarily would not.

This is most evident when it comes to courage. Many people fail to have the inner fortitude to confront someone face-to-face. This all changes when online. People suddenly find they have "cyber-muscles". Dealing with situations is now within their grasp. Of course, this leads to an entirely different set of issues.

People who are do not confront issues in real life tend to be ill-equipped to handle conflicts online. Even with the cyber courage, these individuals lack the basic skills to constructively deal with these type of circumstances. This is why I see most of the behavior bordering on the childish.

To start, I believe that many who claim to be submissive online lack basic emotional maturity. This is a conclusion reached based upon travels through many different chat rooms and witnessing of the behavior. Plurk, Fetlife, and AFF all have the same types of people. Sadly, it seems those sites are populated with a bunch of 6 year olds.

What does all this have to do with respect for a Master? Simply, many of these people claim to have submitted to someone. Thus, they are a representation for somebody. If you ask me, these people are a complete embarrassment to the one who owns them. Their behavior is worthy is immediate release since no true Master in his right mind would be proud of this behavior.

A slave should always remember that she is a reflection of her Master. This is something that she should carry with her in everything that she does. Even though online is often nothing more than a bunch of fonts on a computer screen, her actions will be reflected upon her Master. Therefore, model behavior is required.

My opinion is that most slaves need to work on keeping their mouths (or keyboards in this instance) shut. Less is more. For whatever reason, I see so many who try to prove their worth or share their experience with others. Sadly, these are the ones who have little to nothing to fall back upon. They feel they can enlighten all new people with their 4 months of online BDSM experience. It is ridiculous and an embarrassment. I guess the only saving grace is that there is a better than average chance that this person's Master is a fake also.

Online is a wonderful way to interact with people while sharing a common lifestyle. However, those who advice is worthy of taking are the ones who are the hardest to get to. People with worthwhile experiences live this lifestyle offline as much as they do online. Those who live in front of the computer fail to show up for life. Unfortunately, these are the people who are all too willing to share every facet of their day.

Presenting a false image online is a reflection upon your Master. It shows that you are a dishonorable person. And, what does that say about His ability to choose?

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